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the New Breton Collection

Classic Breton Collection

Bags of pure elegance and rugged functionality.

The Breton Collection marks the launch of the Nav8 brand, a collaborative effort between fashion designers and product engineers with decades of experience in waterproof adventure and travel gear. Nav8 is a new and unique brand specializing in outward-bound travel bags and accessories for the global adventurer who has an affinity for the finer things in life.

Timeless Fashion

The Breton Collection was inspired by two of the most exclusive and stylish coastal resorts in France; Saint-Tropez on the French Riviera and the centuries old walled city of Saint-Malo in the region of Brittany, where Nav8 France is headquartered. The distinctive “Breton” stripe design draws on the classic “maillot” pattern, which is synonymous with sailing boats and having fun on the water or by the sea. The timeless pattern works wonderfully on land as well as water and says a lot about one’s personal style and sense of adventure. The Breton stripe design looks as fresh today as it ever did and no matter where you go, Nav8 bags will most certainly draw some attention.

Quality Craftsmanship

Style aside, function is priority. Because of its rugged nature, Nav8 bags are handcrafted with the highest standard of quality control and meticulously selected materials capable of withstanding the outdoor elements. Each bag features waterproof antibacterial canvas that is coated with multiple layers of clear polyurethane. The striped canvas is complemented by quality supple synthetic leather handles and accents combined with beautiful brushed metal hardware and an internal waterproof lining system. The bags are finished with high frequency welding and a water resistant zipper.

For global adventurers who have an affinity for the finer things in life

She’s youthful in spirit, a woman who loves the outdoors and travels with no intimidation on a global scale. Whether by sea, land or air, no matter where her destiny takes her, she’s ready to take on any adventure yet feels just as comfortable dining at the most exclusive of restaurants. She’s not your average woman and neither is the gear she uses to accommodate her lifestyle. The Breton Collection is a reflection of who she is – stylish and capable.

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